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BBC Learning English
If you like reading, then you'll love our audio drama series! Check out our versions of classic stories, such as Alice in Wonderland, A Christmas Carol, Jamaica Inn, and more: www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/features/drama
Comment from : BBC Learning English

Zarrin Tasnim
I needed it the most. Thank you.
Comment from : Zarrin Tasnim

Thanks 😁
Comment from : Viktoria

It is EEG not ECG
Comment from : Mr

Thank you./
Comment from : tgchan

Sangeetha Nambiar
What is the difference between MAY and MIGHT??
Comment from : Sangeetha Nambiar

Javier Barrios
Thank you, I like so much BBC Learning English, I'm try to improve my english, and this channel is a wonderful tool
Comment from : Javier Barrios

I am a English learner from China and I find listening is very hard for me though my vocabulary is between 5000-6000. Maybe English for Asians like Chinese and Japanese and so on is harder than for European like Italian and Germany and so on. Is my intuition right or not?
Comment from : 形無歸

yana Rodrigues
What's your name?
Comment from : yana Rodrigues

Guangkai Ren
NOTE: find relief from the pressures;
Comment from : Guangkai Ren

H.İ. Iskender
Comment from : H.İ. Iskender

Manjit Singh
I like your channel,,You give us information about general knowledge everyday.your videos are helpful,who want to improve listening skill.
Comment from : Manjit Singh

Yen Do Thi Hoang
I love reading fairytales .As reading such stories as the little red riding hood, Cinderella,etc. I feel extremely enthralled. Besides Stories connotes ethical, moral values of previous generations in an intersting way. Didactic way of telling stories make us realize how meaningful our lives are.
Comment from : Yen Do Thi Hoang

Divyanshi Jain
Oh!At last he says ..If only you could.
Corona times.

Comment from : Divyanshi Jain

Özer Öztürk
I believe that reading has a strong relief effect. Especially it can give us a hand in this stressful modern age.
Comment from : Özer Öztürk

Navjot kaur
Nice video... I want to say u something that please add subtitles in ur videos so that we can use such videos for improving our speaking skills as well..
Comment from : Navjot kaur

Quang Nguyễn Trần
And as soothing as listening to you guys, thanks!
Comment from : Quang Nguyễn Trần

Najd Halloul
I really need an answer please, if l find out the new vocabularies and if I try to repeat the the points you have mentioned loudly by myself can I improve my speaking skill by this method.
Comment from : Najd Halloul

salutations, BBC Learning English. fairly vivid video. thanks. :)

Thông Nguyễn
I really don not know beacause leasson very well
Comment from : Thông Nguyễn

Milky Pitch
what does ''I'm off the library''means? thank you in advance.
Comment from : Milky Pitch

The Guds Production
Watching YouTube is my stimulus to learn new things.
Comment from : The Guds Production

tinh hua
What does " artistic merit" mean? is it different to " artistic value? Please, help me explain.
Comment from : tinh hua

green spring
There are many terms in this lesson
Comment from : green spring

I have liked books since I was child. Books come to life for me. However sometimes I just scan books.

Mara Vas
Bibliotherapy(ΒΙΒΛΙΟΘΕΡΑΠΕΙΑ) is an old concept in library science. According to the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus........(Wikipedia)
Comment from : Mara Vas

Geovanna Oliveira
I love read books! My goal is read 50 pages per day.
Comment from : Geovanna Oliveira

I really love to read good books. It's lay good Empact on me. I feel relaxed after reading something new and interesting. It's just like I've got a precious thing in my life. Apart from this I also used to read some interesting articles of newspaper for ameliorate myself.
This 6 Minutes English, from BBC LEARNING ENGLISH is also very helpful for me. Because in this short time period (6 minutes) I learn a more.
Thank you so much for your efforts!

Comment from : MISSION 2.0

rafik hamidouche
thanks for oyur lessons i will try to understand what do you saying and study this language
Comment from : rafik hamidouche

Rieny Fernandes
I heard BBC podcast every day before go to bed.
Comment from : Rieny Fernandes

Soran Moradi
Comment from : Soran Moradi

José Delfino Orta Trejo
Thanks My best teachers ever
Comment from : José Delfino Orta Trejo

Cawke Cabdiraxmaan
The bbc english lessons are very important from the learners
Comment from : Cawke Cabdiraxmaan

Yaneeti Li
Comment from : Yaneeti Li

Reading is a sensory and an emotional experience as well. Even with an audio book or an ebook, nowadays, our bodies and minds are overwhelmed by positive vibes. First hand experience makes me support bibliotherapy: books have never let me alone. Lucky all those who enjoy the benefits of any kind of readings. Even by a book that disappoints you at the end, you're learning to be more "human." Stay safe 🇮🇹✌️🇬🇧

Amal Mohammad
Bibliotheraphy.... The use of books as a therapy in the treatment of mental or psychological disorders
Comment from : Amal Mohammad

Amal Mohammad
Comment from : Amal Mohammad

Tayler here
Guys never give up learning English ❤️💪
Comment from : Tayler here

Sheerin Taj
I found Charles Dickens's works very interesting ,curious and which makes you hold till the end.
Comment from : Sheerin Taj

Sheerin Taj
J.k Rowling 's Harry Potter
Comment from : Sheerin Taj

Sheerin Taj
J.k Rowling 's Harry Potter
Comment from : Sheerin Taj

Thuy Nguyen
I love BBC learning English a lots and always waiting for the new lessons every day!
Comment from : Thuy Nguyen

Владимир Майор
Thank you for lesson))
Comment from : Владимир Майор

Hajar Ro
really i loved books but after this video i love it more 😘😘
Comment from : Hajar Ro

KJ Yoon
I am Listening to this 6min English just before go to bed. Thanks for BBC
Comment from : KJ Yoon

Let's learn English
That's great
Comment from : Let's learn English

wc. joey
I will try accustomed to reading a book everyday.
Comment from : wc. joey

Ģâćhâ Ćėýlįñ
Comment from : Ģâćhâ Ćėýlįñ

First time , I'm the first commenter of this vedio xDD
Comment from : Jerry

Bao Nguyen Lam
first comment:)
Comment from : Bao Nguyen Lam

samir mohammed
Comment from : samir mohammed

Gooogle Dev
I am always waiting for upcoming video
Comment from : Gooogle Dev

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