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Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners - English Grammar Review (1/3)

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Information Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners - English Grammar Review (1/3)

Title :  Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners - English Grammar Review (1/3)
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Frames Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners - English Grammar Review (1/3)

Description Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners - English Grammar Review (1/3)

Comments Parts of Speech: Nouns, Pronouns, Determiners - English Grammar Review (1/3)

Thank you for your patience. I was able to overcome my computer problems to produce the video today...just one day late!
I'll upload the correct captions later this evening. :)

Comment from : JenniferESL

Shiv Sharma
Comment from : Shiv Sharma

Ramu Rocks
The best teacher in the world.
Comment from : Ramu Rocks

aarush kanthra
Love u
Comment from : aarush kanthra

sonia bhardwaj
Hi Jennifer, Your explanation was simple, clear , and precise. Thank you for helping me to understand the concept so well!!!
Comment from : sonia bhardwaj

Vipin Mishra
Ma'am u said buffalo are large animals is this sentence is correct. Can we say lion are dangerous animals or we should put s after lion so we can make it a correct sentence.
Comment from : Vipin Mishra

Rohit Pathak
Ma'am, could you please tell me how buffalo is irregular plural noun ? (6:50)
as I learned plural of buffalo is buffaloes.

Comment from : Rohit Pathak

Jing Dong
Dear teacher Jennifer, why did you say buffalo was a irregular noun? Dictionary says its plural form is buffaloes or buffalo
Comment from : Jing Dong

Ulviyye Refili
Hello, is it correct or not? Please explain me( not some people? Can we use pronoun some in negative sentence?
Comment from : Ulviyye Refili

Gretchen Lebrùn Gonzàlez
Thanks a lot, Jennifer. This lesson is of great help to me.
Comment from : Gretchen Lebrùn Gonzàlez

Periklis Gewrgiou
Thank you so much
Comment from : Periklis Gewrgiou

Siva Rao
Madam,are there any differences among these words.propably,possibly,perhaps,may be.please be kind enough to explain these words.p.siva Rao,India.
Comment from : Siva Rao

Ajay Pawar
Mam is it correct to say in speaking
Are our brothers happy?
Are his sisters doctors?
Are her sons policemen?

Comment from : Ajay Pawar

Lalita Singhaniya
Comment from : Lalita Singhaniya

Advance With Sanny Kumar
Your lovely voice
Comment from : Advance With Sanny Kumar

Amit Gupta
Hello Ma'mm, Once again,This is Amit Gupta from Hyderabad,India.I have queries related to determiners . My whole number, The whole room, All these things, All my collection,We all agreed. Need to understand each phrases part of speech .And why keeps determiner before "Whole" and after " All". Can you help me to understand the same . Thanks in advance! ma'mm.
Comment from : Amit Gupta

You are absoultely correct 😂😂😂
Comment from : ADITYA

Tizi Nlaaz
Good Jennifer thnks yo ... i love people th America ...
Comment from : Tizi Nlaaz

mohammad tariq
He doesn't have too much money. Much is adverb or adjective?
Comment from : mohammad tariq

mohammad tariq
Three of them are dead. Question: Which part of speech three is in the sentence?
Comment from : mohammad tariq

mario mendez
Thank you so much !!!!!!!!
Comment from : mario mendez

Pratap Singh
Hi I am from India and I like your teaching
Comment from : Pratap Singh

Thank you Ma'am for your time of this class
Comment from : STUDYBYTE

Hamza Docteur
Hello, Jennifer.
Considering the words: other,another,others, and question words .
Which part of speech do they belong to?
Thank you.😊

Comment from : Hamza Docteur

mohammad tariq
Ma'm kindly give me one or two examples of Verb+determinative = verb phrase
Comment from : mohammad tariq

Julia Reynolds
Your very clear, interesting style of tutoring is helping me sort out the confusion in my head! I need to take a TEFL exam soon and got myself so bogged down with grammatical terms I had not been taught when I was at school and university. Many thanks for all the helpful links. God bless you. Julia from South Africa
Comment from : Julia Reynolds

Bandula Wijesiri
Thanks for your service.
Comment from : Bandula Wijesiri

Edho- Ekip 1
I don't understand EnglishWhat do i doWhen I learn EnglishI'm Arab and I want to learn English
Comment from : Edho- Ekip 1

Armando Bruguera Juanós
MY Dearest Teacher Jannifer, I was ingressesd in a Hospital during three month (from Abril until July ) due to my Cardiespitarori Illnes i Thougt on all you all the time, and now I beg to you to be again of your Educative Club, receive Jeaniifer my best regards and salutation (I Though I have lost part of my memory. Armando Bruguera Juanós.
Comment from : Armando Bruguera Juanós

Maria Makinen
I went back to my books that I taught from at 12. The anecdotes were fun to read. An Englishman Australian n an American taking pride of how fast their trains were. .. so fast that looking out of the window made telegraph poles look like a fence.. etc. The Australian described:From Sydney to Melbourne we passed some flocks of sheep n fields of potatoes,cabbages , n carrots. We went so quickly that I thought it was an Irish Stew.
Comment from : Maria Makinen

Maria Makinen
This tics me off. Only too clear.
Comment from : Maria Makinen

Maria Makinen
I know these topics. I was a teacher myself.basics
Comment from : Maria Makinen

mohammad tariq
1. "Even more people were there" Adverb (even) is modifying the determiner (more), since head in the phrase (even more people) is a noun/people, it is a noun phrase, am I right Ma'm? 2. A few more workers = Noun phrase? 3. Right up the tree = Noun phrase? Put it gently in the drawer, gently in the drawer = ?
Comment from : mohammad tariq

mohammad tariq
Ma'm what's the difference between determiner and determinative?
Comment from : mohammad tariq

mohammad tariq
Ma'm I have a question, it may sound non-sense but still I'll ask. I am studying one word used as different part of speech. Today a question arose in my mind and that is "can we use a pronoun form as a noun, or can we use a noun form as a pronoun?" For example we can use ing form as verb, as adjective and as a noun/gerund. Can same be the case with Nouns and pronouns?
Comment from : mohammad tariq

mohammad tariq
"1. Do you ever think about living there?" "2. PTV's latest drama serial is about keeping traditions alive." Kindly tell me the part of speech of the word "about" in both the sentences ..
Comment from : mohammad tariq

mohammad tariq
"we must find some way out of it" Kindly tell tell me part of speech of word "out" in the sentence.
Comment from : mohammad tariq

mohammad tariq
"some say one thing and others another" kindly tell me what parts of speech are some, others and another in the sentence.
Comment from : mohammad tariq

Marcus Vinicius
Ela quer ensinar inglês em inglês!!🙄😅
Comment from : Marcus Vinicius

Study with Injoy the life
Very helpful
Comment from : Study with Injoy the life

Patidar Institute
jennifer got the best explanation of Determiner with calm and cool nature.
Comment from : Patidar Institute

Pankaj Jangu
Please make video on idioms and other remaining Grammer topics. Also on writing section I mean composition
Comment from : Pankaj Jangu

Pankaj Jangu
Wow. Determiners😍loved it.
... Respected Madam ..I also watched your 4 videos on phrasal verb...useful but my mother tongue is Hindi language and as you know there are so many phrasal verbs so how can I remember and get every question correct?

Comment from : Pankaj Jangu

mouli rawat
My mother is forcing me to see this :((((
Comment from : mouli rawat

Ahmed Khaled
Hi I love you so much please where is past and present simple and continue
Comment from : Ahmed Khaled

Armando Bruguera Juanós
A very useful lesson I took notes because I neglect some concepts
Comment from : Armando Bruguera Juanós

mona usa
😍😘💓 Thanks teacher 👍
Comment from : mona usa


First of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Second of all, I have some questions:

- What is the difference between a noun and a subject?
- What is the difference between a phrase and a clause?
- Do demonstrative adjectives and demostrative pronouns belong to DETERMINERS?


Comment from : JUAN FELIX

Il Bel
The best one 😍❤
Comment from : Il Bel

stanley chan
great job Jennifer. Love your grammar course. Your grammar course is one of few course i can recommend others to watch
Comment from : stanley chan

Juan Daniel Galbán
Please be my grammar teacher!!!!!... I could understand you pretty well.. thank's for your clear explanation about this topics which are quite difficult...
Comment from : Juan Daniel Galbán

Mohammed Alkhafagy
thanks a lot Jennifer for your grammar and parts of speech lessons. I wish I had spent my four years college with you,I would rather have spoken English much better by now.
Comment from : Mohammed Alkhafagy

Hamed Eid
Thank you
Comment from : Hamed Eid

Justin Daeshim Dorjee
You're an unbelievably good teacher. This is what I'd been looking for.
Comment from : Justin Daeshim Dorjee

narender kumar
Mam u should give space between the exercise
Comment from : narender kumar

quang le
thank you! What is your skype or facebook? Teacher
Comment from : quang le

anoos 07
Comment from : anoos 07

Izabela Franco
I loved your video! I´m an English teacher as well, and I´m doing an online TEFL course, and watching your videos to study. This video was great, and it was nice to see your vacations photos, specially the video about the running buffalos!
Comment from : Izabela Franco

André Sena
Very good this video!
Comment from : André Sena

Andrea F
It is a pleasure
Comment from : Andrea F

Andrea F
You are the Best dear. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Andrea F

Wow! Have you done it? Yes, you have. Your best ever lesson. Well done!
Comment from : stunninglad1

Ranganathan R
Please make part 2 video of parts of speech & release it mam,God bless you,
Comment from : Ranganathan R

Virjibhai Parmar
Very good and informative. I have learnt a lot from this video. Your pronunciation is good. Congratulations .

Comment from : Virjibhai Parmar

Sergey Arion
This is no less but a perfect lesson! Grammar terminology couldn't have been explained better than this way. There photos and videos of yours are simply wonderful, especially buffalo :)
Comment from : Sergey Arion

geng chen
This is an amazing lesson for English grammar !!!
Comment from : geng chen

marcos alonso
Good afternoon, Jennifer, how are you?
I heard from your channel through an acquaintance of mine who is also learning English.
I'm Brazilian, and I was wondering if you speak English?
haaa, I used google translator for you, okay, because I'm learning the American English language, bjos

Comment from : marcos alonso

Forever beautiful.
Comment from : Mayko250

Arun Goyal
Very well done, Jennifer. The complexity of syntax in English organised in a simple and easy to understand video. "words have a function", and "syntax is ordering of words". The narrations and captions, and the flow diagrams are perfect. We are so lucky to get all this free! (For me, it is a revisit to school days many decades ago. As of now, the lessons provide the frame to me for understanding languages. My current passion is Persian). Looking forward to the remaining two parts.
Comment from : Arun Goyal

Roko Mere
thank u Jennifer
Comment from : Roko Mere

Li Xiaoyan
Thank you, Jennifer.
Comment from : Li Xiaoyan

Thanks for your great efforts.
Special thanks for your lesion's index; it's an amazing idea, I watched it for first time, from you we always learn new.

Comment from : aiM

Learn English
I have one more question plz explain it to me.
Which sentence is right...
I have bought 10 gram gold or
I have bought 10 gram of gold
Plz explain

Comment from : Learn English

Learn English
Hi!! Mam I have a question
Generally before a proper noun any article is not place but when a proper noun is used as the common noun then article "the" is placed before that proper noun.
Plz give an example

Comment from : Learn English

Nazmy Zahran
I want to start but i do not know from where i can start learning
Please help me .

Comment from : Nazmy Zahran

Learn English
Hi!! Mam it's me Aakash
Plz tell me best standard of this sentence --- it's totally illegal to sit with 4 guys on a single bike

Comment from : Learn English

Norma Quesada
wow! excellent lesson, full of important information. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Mexico. :)
Comment from : Norma Quesada

Claire Fraser
Hi Jennifer, I'm mad about this kind of grammar lessons. They help me to understand those things that I didn't before! And guess what? I learn new topics today about determiners and reciprocal pronouns. Years learning English, but never before had I had such a complete lesson, so well explained. I'm sure there is no anther teacher like you all over the world. Words can't describe how grateful Iam.
Comment from : Claire Fraser

Dildar Veliskova
Hi Jannifer,
Is it OK when I put "last summer", "last year" ect. at the end of a centence? Thank you.

Comment from : Dildar Veliskova

Shriram Kulkarni
Hello mam, you are so nice in the world because you are so brilliant and beautiful.so my wish is meeting with you.I love your teaching mam.your lesson is very beautiful because when you teach I learn so much from you.keep it mam.Am I biggest fan of you.can you send me your signature with your photo? I waiting for your kindness reply.
Comment from : Shriram Kulkarni

vinayak taro
Your video is really helpful
Comment from : vinayak taro

Fazil Peerally
Dear Teacher Jennifer,

The video lesson about the Parts of Speech is incredible. The way you extrapolate the subject matter is professional. The photographs and the given examples are interesting and meaningful. Needless to say that one can easily understand the lesson.

In this respect, you deserve a good credit. You are a good and experienced English teacher. Many of your lessons have cleared grammar doubts in my mind. Thanks you so much. We ( the viewers ) receive widespread support from you. Thank goodness !

Looking forward to other video lesson soon.

Best regards,

Comment from : Fazil Peerally

إبراهيم آلمغربي
Thank u teacher
Comment from : إبراهيم آلمغربي

Siddik Siddik
easy to understand, great teacher, thanks mam.
Comment from : Siddik Siddik

safoora qayoom
I've seen so many teachers on youtube who talk about different topics but Jennifer is very different. ma'am you work so hard and provide so much knowledge in one video.. your work is so appreciable. thank uh so much...
Comment from : safoora qayoom

Hilal Ahmad
Because of Jennifer's unbeatable spirit, she tore apart the monster that had dared to enter her computer. Hats off to Jennifer's bravery.
Comment from : Hilal Ahmad

Hi Jennifer, you are an amazing person, your classes help us a lot. Thank you for your patience with your students, have a good weekend, you and your family.
Comment from : Aparecido FERREIRA VAIS

Hadja Timbi
Thank you so much Jennifer, I really appreciate this video since we are seeing Nouns and determiners in class at the moment! From Paris!
Comment from : Hadja Timbi

Susana Blanco
I'm very delighted with this new lesson you've given to us. It's so useful. Thanks Jennifer!!!
Comment from : Susana Blanco

I can only display my deep and sincere appreciation , your care to humanity with these words ; my brotherly love to kind hearted woman , Jennifer !
Comment from : engin

Great review!
Comment from : Ella

محمد عبد الله السيد حسن
Thank you jennifer. I love your vedios. And your face.
Thanks a loooooot

Comment from : محمد عبد الله السيد حسن

Andrea Giraldo MD, Ph.D.
Very useful lesson and you broke down the lesson the three parts. I love grammar. Have a good Day. A
Comment from : Andrea Giraldo MD, Ph.D.

Mary Dc
This video has so much information that I wanted to learn for so long. Thank you!
Comment from : Mary Dc

Mollie Tai
JenniferESL to keep your grammar safe all the time!
Comment from : Mollie Tai

I thought it'd be a different topic, but as they say, it would do no harm to review some basic topics once awhile. Thank you, Jennifer for taking the time to make this video for us.✌👍
Comment from : Ra'ed

Manwah Au
Comment from : Manwah Au

Indika Earoshan
you are nice teacher I love you !
Comment from : Indika Earoshan

mbark ichar
Thank you
Comment from : mbark ichar

kumar daniel
Hi my dear sweetie... always I waiting for your video... Today you are sooooo beautiful... I love you darling.... Kiss kiss kiss....😍😍😍😚😚😚
Comment from : kumar daniel

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