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PRESENT PERFECT TENSE | Complete English Grammar Review

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Information PRESENT PERFECT TENSE | Complete English Grammar Review

Title :  PRESENT PERFECT TENSE | Complete English Grammar Review
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Comments PRESENT PERFECT TENSE | Complete English Grammar Review

The English Coach
1. Should I make another grammar video? Tell me in the comments which tense I should cover next! 🤔

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3. Remember to download the guide I linked in the description box “The Present Perfect Tense Made Easy.”

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5. Create 5 “Never have I ever” sentences and share them in the comments. 🙋🏼‍♀️

Comment from : The English Coach

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Haseeb Rehman
Very efficient teacher !!!
Comment from : Haseeb Rehman

Aman Inderjeet Singh
Never have i ever came across such an impeccable video, you have done a tremendous job teacher, keep up the good work👍👍
Comment from : Aman Inderjeet Singh

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Laxmikant sahu
Comment from : Laxmikant sahu

Luiz Philipe
you're just so fun
Comment from : Luiz Philipe

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Mat Kilau
Me, who's accidently meet Stephanie in the future.
Me: Hi, have we met before?
Stephanie: Sorry im married.
Me: .......
(Sorry if my grammar is wrong)

Comment from : Mat Kilau

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Jarocha treisy Mendez
I have been learning with you
Comment from : Jarocha treisy Mendez

Jarocha treisy Mendez
I have been learning with you
Comment from : Jarocha treisy Mendez

The Samsons
Never have I ever gone to the US. I wish I could, but unfortunately, I don't have money to travel.
Never have I ever eaten a bat, and won't ever planning to eat one.
Never have I ever watched scary movies because I'm having a hard time sleeping at night when I watched it.

Comment from : The Samsons

dogan gocmen
you are making useful language videos ı lıke them ı gave you 10 out of 10 .YOUR EXPLANATİONS PERFECT.
Comment from : dogan gocmen

Never have I ever sung in the public in my life.
Comment from : Robbie

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Ram Kumar
Great teaching
Comment from : Ram Kumar

Marcos António
Talk about your eyes
Comment from : Marcos António

Pavaat Tovchhin
I hope you do a lot of videos related to grammar.
Comment from : Pavaat Tovchhin

Heo Nguyễn
never have i ever met someone smart than you
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Jarocha treisy Mendez
I love the way you teagh
Comment from : Jarocha treisy Mendez

Nasser h
Have we met before? 🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Nasser h

Samantha Joy Lapinid
Never have i ever rode a bike
Never have i ever played musical instruments
Neve have i ever did extreme sports
Never have i ever been to other countries.
LMAO. am i the worst never have i ever player here? 😂😂

Comment from : Samantha Joy Lapinid

Tico Kamisaki 神崎
Present Perfect + Passive voice

Everybody: Ohh that is cool


Comment from : Tico Kamisaki 神崎

Dmitry Avdeev
I've not watched this full video.
Comment from : Dmitry Avdeev

Jose Luis Barragan
Never have i ever eat on the night
Never have i ever eat pizza
Never have i ever eat watermelon
Never have i ever driven a car
Never have i ever run on the night

Comment from : Jose Luis Barragan

Alexandre Rocha
Hey, Stefanie! Thank you so much for both the lesson and the grammar book! I am a fan of your way of speaking and teaching. I deeply admire your capacity of speaking quickly and clearly at the same time. You're amazing!
Comment from : Alexandre Rocha

Abbass Fadhil
Health and Youth for ever for you, Gorgeous Stephanie ♥🌷🌺🌹🌹🌹🤲👉😍💝💍😍👈😘😘😘😘💯✨😘😍☺😍😘😘😳❤❣️💝💕.
Comment from : Abbass Fadhil

Ernie Pylos
If you never went to Disney Worl is a clear proff hat you're not human...but I have the suspicious that if you are from California you have visited Disneyland at least once...of course if you're not a Disney hater. :)
Comment from : Ernie Pylos

Asbin Rai
Where is link?
Comment from : Asbin Rai

Saw AK Oo
Never have I ever met you. But who knows ?
Comment from : Saw AK Oo

Stanislaw Warda
Never have I ever been in Argentina.???????? I am not sure if it is ok .
Comment from : Stanislaw Warda

Stanislaw Warda
Never have I ever dance Rumba
Comment from : Stanislaw Warda

Stanislaw Warda
Never have I ever been on the moon.??????????????
Comment from : Stanislaw Warda

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Alex G
Great effort, Stephanie. And charming as usual. But I think it’s too complicated an explanation for most English learners. Too detailed and hence difficult to digest and put into practice (however helpful it might be).

From my experience, it’s far easier and more effective to teach the Present Perfect via its comparison with the Past Simple:

When the action is finished and we also know when it took place (exact moment in time), we use the Past Simple. In all other cases, we use the Present Perfect. That’s it.

In other words, with the Present Perfect, either the action is finished but we don’t know when (“I’ve seen this film”), OR we may even know its starting point, but it’s still ongoing/unfinished (this is when we can often use the Continuous form as well: “I’ve worked here / I’ve been working here for over a decade”).

Never can we simultaneously know ‘when’ with the Present Perfect and also have a completed action. That’s the main thing to remember.

Since there’s no other common way of expressing the past in English, once the Past Simple is ruled out based on these two factors (finished action/exact time), we’re left with the Present Perfect, always.

Comment from : Alex G

Raki singh
After subscribe your channel, I improved my english upto the great extent....thanks mam thanks a lot..
Comment from : Raki singh

Alejandro Guillén
Thanks for this video, its help me a lot for improving my English, I am from Peru living in Colorado Usa. I have enjoyed the connection that you reach with us! Congratulations and thanks again!
Comment from : Alejandro Guillén

Martha Elisa
I have enjoyed your video but l am confused with since and for in the present perfect for example l have waited for my sister since 9 o clock l want to talk about something in the past when it started . in reality l have waited for her for 6 hours but l started waiting for her at 9 o clock l want to say when something starts in the past . my quetion is may l use simple past intead example l waited for her. At about 9 o clock is that correct please let me now .
Comment from : Martha Elisa

Cristofer Cabrera
Teacher when I see this video with subtitles I can understand around 90% with the subtitles .
But without the substitute I onli can understand around of 60% because you speak quickly so sometimes it's difficult can understand some sentences or words without the subtitles.

Comment from : Cristofer Cabrera

Sema G
Never I have ever watched such an amazing video like that! :)
Comment from : Sema G

Ahmed Raza Shaikh
Never have I ever
1.been to the United Staes.
2.done skydiving.
3.built a drone.
4.been to Europe.
5.learned Kung Fu.

Comment from : Ahmed Raza Shaikh

Ahmed Saeed
This's so great ..thank you very much..I think we need a series for all tenses.
Comment from : Ahmed Saeed

Galih Candra
I have been dying to go traveling the world especially America but money has always been the problem for me. Sigh..I'm chronically poor
Comment from : Galih Candra

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Sara Alvarado
GIRL you are a genius
Comment from : Sara Alvarado

티비채널Mr Chang
Wow .i love your voice in this video.sorry cause my english
Comment from : 티비채널Mr Chang

Crimildo Vs
Am I the only one who didn't get to a t the 2nd example???😕
"I've been 'to' Spain..." why 'to'...
why not 'in'...?
Just a doubt;

Comment from : Crimildo Vs

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Jefferson Carvalho
Never have I ever been in the US.
Comment from : Jefferson Carvalho

Shalu sharma
This book is free . if I download . plz plz do let me.know . ma'am
Comment from : Shalu sharma

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

momo oya
I thoroughly enjoyed your video, thank you.
Comment from : momo oya

Gurjant Singh
Dear teacher your English is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I hope my English will be improved very soon as I have been following you for couple of days.
Comment from : Gurjant Singh

heathland21 04
I don't know why but, i understand you well
Comment from : heathland21 04

Paulo Diniz
I enjoy your accent from California.
Comment from : Paulo Diniz

Adil Mikou
Never have i ever been with such brilliant teacher.
Never have i ever learned an english tense like this video.
Never have i ever been im America.
Never have i ever practising Spanish.
Never have i ever changing my career.
Thank u so much Stefanie👍

Comment from : Adil Mikou

altaf wattoo
Idelible way of teaching
Comment from : altaf wattoo

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Learn then learn
Scientists have not yet get discovered what are in the earth.
Comment from : Learn then learn

Learn then learn
She's not got three dolls but she has got 10 Xboxes that was so interested.
Comment from : Learn then learn

Fábio Duran
I just loooooooooooove the way you teach!
Comment from : Fábio Duran

Andrew M
Never have I ever watched so amazing video. I think this is the most important video I have ever watched!
Comment from : Andrew M

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Ignacio Eiguren
I want to finish my english course because i havent been fluent in English. ¿Is it correct, @TheEnglishCoach? Saludos desde Argentina!
Comment from : Ignacio Eiguren

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Sharanjeet Kaur
hello there, I'm from india.I just wanted to drop a comment that you are doing a great job .This is the most informative video i have ever seen
Comment from : Sharanjeet Kaur

Heo Nguyễn
Comment from : Heo Nguyễn

Pretty cool explanation. Thanks🙏
Never have i ever: flown by plane
been in space
built a house
had a pat
swum in the ocean

Comment from : Денис

Carlos Paixão
Hi Stephanie, do you talk to Gavin?
Comment from : Carlos Paixão

Mauricio R
The right question wouldn' be : HAVE YOU BEEN TO THE BANK TODAY ? :-)
Comment from : Mauricio R

MyessYallyah Americus
I quit this life forever
Comment from : MyessYallyah Americus

Mr. Perfect
Your cheeks look like apple 🍎
I wanna to eat them.

Comment from : Mr. Perfect

Ghanshyam Pawar
Hi teacher, never have I ever gone to America nevertheless, I must go to America. I like your intonation and an accent like a native speaker.
Comment from : Ghanshyam Pawar

Rejina Kpta
greeting from India, Stef... Never have I ever watched such a simple and cool video on grammar!!! and one more thing, Have you ever heard Indian English accent? you'll be shocked!!!
Comment from : Rejina Kpta

Manjeet Arya
Does any one want to practice with me rply . I wil always available to speak with you .❤❤❤
Comment from : Manjeet Arya

Ahlem Amani
I've just downloaded the guide. I like it! Thank you 🌷
Comment from : Ahlem Amani

t' vib vers
☺️👍gracias por el tiempo invertido!!!!
Comment from : t' vib vers

Carlos Werner
Great job! Awesome class! Thank you so much for your help. You are the most efficient YouTube teacher that i know.
Comment from : Carlos Werner

Beti M.
i like this video but pls talk more slow. Thank you
Comment from : Beti M.

Our World
it got 17,000 .. do more 😍
Comment from : Our World

yu wen
I haven't been to Argentina.🙊
Comment from : yu wen

Mariia Volvakova
Thank you so much!! It was very useful!
Comment from : Mariia Volvakova

Alex Decasi
You're weird and I like it 😗
Comment from : Alex Decasi

Norma Jimenez
Como se pronuncia Talked y wanted?
Comment from : Norma Jimenez

Yury Shatrov
Never have I ever been in America.
Never have I ever eated a Durio.
Never have I ever had a bike.
Never have I ever swam in the ocean.
Never have I ever watched Friends series.

...............Hey, please check it out and correct it if it's wrong))) Thanks in advance!!

Comment from : Yury Shatrov

thiago xavier
I subscribe to your channel , you help me a lot to learn english.
Comment from : thiago xavier

Wilkie Araya
The best teacher ever. Regards from Costa Rica
Comment from : Wilkie Araya

Jhonatan Carvalho da silva
This video has been an ultimate guide to me. Very helpful and easy to understand. Great job, Teacher!
Comment from : Jhonatan Carvalho da silva

Wil San
Never have I ever studied the IPA
Never have I ever been to another country
Never have I ever had a boyfriend (lolol)
Never have I ever met someone interesting
Never have I ever drunk caipirinha ( brazilian drink ).

Comment from : Wil San

Max Tandel
Never have I ever drunk alcohol
Never have I ever cheated anyone
Never have i even been to USA
Never have I ever learnt Spanish
Never have I ever been to football match

Comment from : Max Tandel

Never have I ever dated a girl from California.
Comment from : S KEN

Marco Valecci
never have I ever been to US
Comment from : Marco Valecci

Marco Valecci
Lingoda, no Italian,,, poor italians :)
Comment from : Marco Valecci

never have I ever been on a plane
Comment from : Reyki97

carlos silva
Full of good information !!
I’ve done very good

Comment from : carlos silva

federico alonso
What's the difference between "you have sent" or "you sent"? I would like to know because I saw that many times I don't really understand that
Comment from : federico alonso

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