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Common Mistakes with Adjectives & Adverbs - English Grammar Lesson

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Information Common Mistakes with Adjectives & Adverbs - English Grammar Lesson

Title :  Common Mistakes with Adjectives & Adverbs - English Grammar Lesson
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Frames Common Mistakes with Adjectives & Adverbs - English Grammar Lesson

Description Common Mistakes with Adjectives & Adverbs - English Grammar Lesson

Comments Common Mistakes with Adjectives & Adverbs - English Grammar Lesson

Isac Florinda
Thanks for a such great class.
Comment from : Isac Florinda

Beastslayers gamerz
who is watching this after lockdown........like
Comment from : Beastslayers gamerz

Beastslayers gamerz
i got all correct


Comment from : Beastslayers gamerz

Vibhabh Jalota
In common mistake 3, I have an issue. See this sentence
"we stayed at an expensive summer resort."
In this sentence expensive and summer are adjectives and I have placed them side by side as the word expensive is modifying summer. Kindly explain

Comment from : Vibhabh Jalota

Leteselase Gebremedhin Habte
Thanks you are so nice lundet
Comment from : Leteselase Gebremedhin Habte

Excellent 👍
Comment from : kev

i simp for Timothée Chalamet
i have some questions can you help me, please?
Comment from : i simp for Timothée Chalamet

Ha Bte
Adjective and adverbs takes long time to understand. Good teacher.
Comment from : Ha Bte

Moromi Nath
Comment from : Moromi Nath

Milica Siljanoska
i really understand now.
this helpt a lot

Comment from : Milica Siljanoska

Merci beaucoup
Comment from : MOJEEB SROOR

Tenzin Dolma
Boring classe
Comment from : Tenzin Dolma

Kezia Tudang
After watching this video, I hardly understand the differences between adverb and adjective, but i can use those correctly in sentences (I got 9/10) LOL
Comment from : Kezia Tudang

Multitasker's Club
wow that was a quiz whiz!
Comment from : Multitasker's Club

ebru ozcoban
Very thank you
Comment from : ebru ozcoban

MC Dampfnudel
Ich will ne Fette Saftige Bratwurscht
Comment from : MC Dampfnudel

acm hin
Thank you very much!!!!! Your videos saved my life!!!!!
Comment from : acm hin

TrendZilla TV
I got a perfect 10! This is totally helpful.
Comment from : TrendZilla TV

Kumar Serpa
who plays roblox
Comment from : Kumar Serpa

Harshita Khanna
thanku mam this lesson cleared all my doubts.......luv anglo-link and all it's lectures......
Comment from : Harshita Khanna

Mirza Mirzoyev
Thank you ! You helped me a lot. İm from Azerbaijan
Comment from : Mirza Mirzoyev

Frederick Francis
English is like that tiny looking boss in a video game that has the highest stats known to man

What game are you playing

Comment from : Frederick Francis

Other passengers got there earlier and took all the seats... earlier is adjective or adverb????...I'm a bit confused
Comment from : shah4524

tj stapleton
Adjective Practice Cards: youtu.be/y5dHGmosYuQ
Comment from : tj stapleton

tj stapleton
Adverbs practice cards: youtu.be/24Z0-QUOiEY
Comment from : tj stapleton

Who's here, because their teacher said to watch this?
If so- good luck with the tasks UwU

Comment from : Kai

Pushkar Singh
I like this Chanel 😍
Comment from : Pushkar Singh

Knight Leopard Gaming
Which sentence was adjective and which was adverb in these sentences at 8:30 of video
Comment from : Knight Leopard Gaming

Deepak ma xu Rokaya
thanks god you help me
Comment from : Deepak ma xu Rokaya

Pamajo Gameplay
La miss de ingles me dijo que viera esto xd
Comment from : Pamajo Gameplay

Conchee tumadreeeeeeee
Comment from : ElCasiSoy

Benny Cheng
Good l
Comment from : Benny Cheng

Darshan Patoliya
"She will look elegant in black".

Please find adjective and adverb out of that sentence if there is any.

Comment from : Darshan Patoliya

Omar Majeed
Green box is "heavier" to lift than the red one.

what will be the word "heavier" here? Adverb?

Comment from : Omar Majeed

Ram Kumar
Comment from : Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar
Comment from : Ram Kumar

Madhav Anand
Comment from : Madhav Anand

Madhav Anand
Hardly, shortly, lately are adverbs but it is contrast in your video why only hard, short, late.
Please reply I am confused.
Reference to Cambridge dictionary

Comment from : Madhav Anand

Why hard is not change into hardly
Comment from : BRAIN TECH

jilani ansari
I am doing good.
I am doing well.
Which on is correct doing is action verb and good is adjective.

Comment from : jilani ansari

Sayyed Zainab
Good thing

Comment from : Sayyed Zainab

Youcef Ayadi
Now I know adjective and adverbs
Comment from : Youcef Ayadi

Youcef Ayadi
Thank you soo mush
Comment from : Youcef Ayadi

Balraj garg
2. This box is too -- to lift.
(use adjective)

Comment from : Balraj garg

Balraj garg
mam pls reply
Comment from : Balraj garg

Balraj garg
mam pls answer the following question, choose correct option:
I ---visit the club on Sundays. (always/quite).

Comment from : Balraj garg

Pianist Trần Quang Minh
This video very good for student
Comment from : Pianist Trần Quang Minh

Study with facts
I seem to have fallen in love with you really
Comment from : Study with facts

alguien que me pueda hacer un resumen en español por favor
Comment from : LosSermuel

Abbass Fadhil
An epic and scientific lesson. Thank you so much, MINOO ❤️🌹💎👍💕😁.
Comment from : Abbass Fadhil

Nuru Rabb
Hello,your tone of voice is very good so you are a good teacher
Comment from : Nuru Rabb

Patrick Palo
Thank you
Comment from : Patrick Palo

Mukesh Kumar
Wonderful I have no words 4 it
Comment from : Mukesh Kumar

Vishant Singh
I love this channel I love it
Comment from : Vishant Singh

Sandy B
Thanks! This lesson cleared all my doubts and confusions. Really appreciate it!
Comment from : Sandy B

Thango Papheya
Thank you Soo much..
This video takes me to another level in speaking and writing Grammar correctly...

Comment from : Thango Papheya

I like this video ~
Comment from : 영노샘

Damla Yazğan
U look like bonnie from wampire diaries
Comment from : Damla Yazğan

Aman Kushwaha
Comment from : Aman Kushwaha

Aman Kushwaha
Comment from : Aman Kushwaha

Aman Kushwaha
Comment from : Aman Kushwaha

What a beautiful girl
Comment from : M M

Muneeb Khan
how i will improved our english
Comment from : Muneeb Khan

Farhad Ghaseri
great thanks a lot
Comment from : Farhad Ghaseri

Nice teaching mam
Comment from : HARSIDAK AND GUNTAS H and G

You are amazing!!!
Comment from : 成。

Archie De Guzman
Comment from : Archie De Guzman

Carsten Krüger
Thank you!You helped me a lot!:)
Comment from : Carsten Krüger

The Piper Report
Maybe this is the wrong video to ask, but I can not find the answer to this question no matter where I look. It deals with adverbs.. Which is correct below?

He brought up his sword - or - he brought his sword up.

Take out the dog - or - take the dog out.

I've seen/heard it used for both..

Comment from : The Piper Report

Razak CM
I want to face the public exam you can help me for get good marks 🙏
Comment from : Razak CM

•Milo k. Hernandez•
I am flaterly than me
Comment from : •Milo k. Hernandez•

•Milo k. Hernandez•
Comment from : •Milo k. Hernandez•

•Milo k. Hernandez•
Thanksly nowly i canly speakly sólo muchlly englishly
Comment from : •Milo k. Hernandez•

Kejang Yeshi
Comment from : Kejang Yeshi

Kejang Yeshi
Comment from : Kejang Yeshi

Kejang Yeshi
Comment from : Kejang Yeshi

Kejang Yeshi
4 hardly
Comment from : Kejang Yeshi

Kejang Yeshi
Comment from : Kejang Yeshi

Kejang Yeshi
Comment from : Kejang Yeshi

Lina Mape
It was really helpful!
Comment from : Lina Mape

Cabdi fataax Mahamuud
Bleas tell me your wats app number I wanna connect to you
Comment from : Cabdi fataax Mahamuud

Pratyakcha Srivastava
Thank you it helped me a lot.
Comment from : Pratyakcha Srivastava

TBH lightning
Thanks so much I hope I pass.
Comment from : TBH lightning

Giang Nguyễn Thị Hương
Hear well
Comment from : Giang Nguyễn Thị Hương

Sonia Mahecha
Excellent as usually.
Comment from : Sonia Mahecha

Marjorie Singson
Tysm pls be safe
Comment from : Marjorie Singson

Malik rassimatt
I like it
Comment from : Malik rassimatt

The Kings are died
I have got only 3 right answer from this exercises
Ohhh 😮 i would be filled if it was a real test

Comment from : The Kings are died

maika licona
Comment from : maika licona

Hi,thanks a lot,your lesson are very clear and easy to understand,please I have a question:
(1)I was so disappointed I didn't get the job.The interview went good.
(2)I was so disappointed I didn't get the job.The interview went well.
(what's the right sentence????good or well???)

Comment from : 92boyka

Carol Menor
can you add me on facebook kaye cee lisa menor
Comment from : Carol Menor

Hi dear Anglo,
I am kind of confusing the few word you're mentioning not to
add " ly " for adjectives to become an adverbs for example : late , hard .etc.. But , I hear that someone said " lately , hardly " .. Please let me know . Thank you

Comment from : baotran6789

Maria Slavova
I am confused. In the sentence "The bread smells good" You said that good is adjective, because it describes the smell of the bread. But in the sentence we have a verb "smells" not a noun. Moreover we ask- How smells the bread? and not What? So shouldn't be an adverb?
Comment from : Maria Slavova

Maria Slavova
We made slow progress. There is no definitive or indefinite article before slow. However, in the sentence " He is an interesting person" there is an article before interesting. Why there is indefinite article in one of the sentence and in the other not? Thank you.
Comment from : Maria Slavova

Tahir Khan
Will we be able to take test on this channel?
Comment from : Tahir Khan

Tahir Khan
It was a wonderful explanation. I got it very easily.
Comment from : Tahir Khan

Collette C
She has cow teeth XD
Comment from : Collette C

Leonardo Sturniolo
Thank you, very much!!
Comment from : Leonardo Sturniolo

Raj Ni
Thankyou ma'am from india.
My english is too weak to speak or write. Please tell me how to i improve it because i want to shift in Canada but only barrier of English language ,i can't. If i join your online classes than it wil improve 💯 ma'am.
Please tell me also how i improve my English through your youtube channel.

Comment from : Raj Ni

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