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ACT Grammar - Top Punctuation Rules(HD) - Brightstorm ACT Prep

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Information ACT Grammar - Top Punctuation Rules(HD) - Brightstorm ACT Prep

Title :  ACT Grammar - Top Punctuation Rules(HD) - Brightstorm ACT Prep
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Frames ACT Grammar - Top Punctuation Rules(HD) - Brightstorm ACT Prep

Description ACT Grammar - Top Punctuation Rules(HD) - Brightstorm ACT Prep

Comments ACT Grammar - Top Punctuation Rules(HD) - Brightstorm ACT Prep

Melat G
I’m stuck at a 26 for English and I’m really hoping for a 30
Comment from : Melat G

English Bytes
This video is very useful to people like me who uses english as a second language. Thank you mam, your explanation is very clear and easy to understsnd. Very nice presentation. I am motivated to create my own channel because of you. Thank you very much.
Comment from : English Bytes

Cameron Holmes
6:05 You know if you really think about it that really doesn't make any sense because all the readings are all referring to a subject that posses something so it's not really differatentiated at all.
Comment from : Cameron Holmes

Maria Makinen
Not bad. Nice. Thanks👍🏻
Comment from : Maria Makinen

Yuki Halleck
I’m having a hard time understanding skyscraper example sentence. 😢
Comment from : Yuki Halleck

Little tip for people that got confused on verb agreement stuff. Usually the subject has “the” before the subject, not counting the Matt and his friend sentence she showed.
Comment from : Shonemeister

Jeez man, I’m learning more here than my actual English class
Comment from : Shonemeister

Rokhsana Yeasmin
I’m taking that tomorrow 😰😰
Wish me luck.

Comment from : Rokhsana Yeasmin

This video is a decade old, but these tips seem on point, i just hope the grammar portion of the test has not changed much since then.
Comment from : Nixpa

Nadia NA
at 13:57 please someone tell me,,, cant his/her be replaced with their so it would still be correct?
Comment from : Nadia NA

Saved By Love
New teacher! Yay
Comment from : Saved By Love

Kevin Tu
The stuff she says sounds soo wrong but at the same time idk if I should follow her advice or stick with my gut
Comment from : Kevin Tu

Jillian Green
Did she try to wink at the end?
Comment from : Jillian Green

I like your bangels

D Boy
She looks like she's a modern version of a girl from the Shangri-las
Comment from : D Boy

Nikita Panin
Thank U so much, it is very clear and useful!!!
Comment from : Nikita Panin

Leya Chivers
This made my score go up 5 points trust her
Comment from : Leya Chivers

Dark Ranger
Awesome video....I thought my grammar was perfect until I watched this video. LOL
Comment from : Dark Ranger

Shaded Pink
Very helpful
Comment from : Shaded Pink

Josai Kinzunga
I died when she said, Dana is sizzling
Comment from : Josai Kinzunga

George James
Do you have a lisp?
Comment from : George James

coolhand luke
apostrophe ABUSE!!! stop abusism of apostrophes,
its apostrophe-ist!!!

Comment from : coolhand luke

coolhand luke
Comment from : coolhand luke

No Name
This video helped a lot, thanks!
Comment from : No Name

Lindsey Christensen
Helpful! She doesn't explain why too in-depth though....... I wish she would explain something just for ten more seconds
Comment from : Lindsey Christensen

Trist Gaming
Wait isn't ACT a test for college applications? If so why is that so easy? I mean in Germany that's 7th grade stuff 🤷‍♂️
Comment from : Trist Gaming

Alex W
Happy birthday, we care
Comment from : Alex W

Hsif bolb #1
I like
Comment from : Hsif bolb #1

Khal olyyan
Great video for the grammar concepts, but SAT and ACT questions are way more complex than these /:
Comment from : Khal olyyan

sam anderson
It’s informative video for me. Please I have question which I am not finding any excuses for use comma with no coordinating in some example.
These sentences I cited from email which I have received from yahoo news , so it must be corrected I guess. Please , can you tell me what the excuses here for not using any coordinating conjunction here ?
1- A San Diego grand jury indicted the Hunters for allegedly using campaign accounts to pay for their children's private school tuition, lavish travel including restaurant meals that frequently cost hundreds of dollars.

2-The indictment alleges the Hunters lied about how the money was spent, with the couple saying it went to charity or campaign events when prosecutors said it was really used for groceries, restaurant meals and clothing.
3-Hunter appeared to blame his wife for the violations in an interview with Fox News last year, saying he gave Margaret power of attorney when he was deployed to Iraq as a marine in 2003, and that she oversaw his campaign finances.

Comment from : sam anderson

S e a f o a m
I get super confused on singular and plural grammar rules and this really helped me out! Taking the ACT tomorrow, wish me luck 😭
Comment from : S e a f o a m

Nick Vetter
Wish my act english was as good as my math and science
Comment from : Nick Vetter

Maria Makinen
Bam. Nothing new.
Comment from : Maria Makinen

Maria Makinen
The Bells' house.Before the fanboys with connected clauses. The dog ran always with its bone. It being the dog in this example.
Comment from : Maria Makinen

Weslee Iden
I just finished taking the ACT after watching this video and this was extremely helpful!
Comment from : Weslee Iden

Ronan Smith
this gives me a 1998 college student vibe, and I can't explain why that's so appealing
Comment from : Ronan Smith

Ajimul Ajim
Who said Doug was a boy?
Comment from : Ajimul Ajim

The white knights are here to respect the wamen. RESPECT WAMEN
Comment from : NukaScrollsV

Weird flex but ok
Comment from : NukaScrollsV

Weird flex but ok
Comment from : NukaScrollsV

Weird flex but ok
Comment from : NukaScrollsV

Weird flex but ok
Comment from : NukaScrollsV

Weird flex but ok
Comment from : NukaScrollsV

Weird flex but ok
Comment from : NukaScrollsV

Allison Hook
I love how everyone in the comments are correcting each other's grammar 😂
Comment from : Allison Hook

Allison Hook
I know you said that the act never uses a comma with the "and" situation.

Ex I like beans, cheese, and, fruit too.
I like beans, cheese, and fruit too.

But the last time I took the act I found a problem like this. I don't understand which would be correct

Comment from : Allison Hook

Good info but your voice is terrible! Hire a better voice actor GOSH
Comment from : Unbrickme

Thank’s for the tip
Comment from : Hunnapugz

Sawyer Gowen
Good vid but I found a mistake.
Julie is a girl and girls don’t play football so it is illogical.

Comment from : Sawyer Gowen

Lesep Stallworth
Very helpful
Comment from : Lesep Stallworth

The Allied Powers
So fucking convoluted.

Comment from : The Allied Powers

this is very helpful.
Comment from : PRINCE HENDRIXX

Felix Onyango
You are the best English teacher I never come a cross off.You are the best ,an you are beautiful too
Comment from : Felix Onyango

marc cepeci
The game was over. But my friend refused to leave before getting Lebron's autograph. Are these both sentences? A sentence can start with but?
Comment from : marc cepeci

Walker Kinsler
The Last Jedi was mediocre
Comment from : Walker Kinsler

Wolfe p
Ok 'so I under'stand
Comment from : Wolfe p

Well, maybe Josh DID plan to wear his duffle bag... we'll never know
Comment from : Carolina

FiretheAroows -_-
we care about your birthday :)
Comment from : FiretheAroows -_-

Lathan Dann
Did you just assume Doug’s gender bruh. Take a swing
Comment from : Lathan Dann

Yanis Boudjema
what could I do without you thank you so much now I have a better understanding with your video about punctuations and stuff.
Comment from : Yanis Boudjema

Le Stop that man
So here's why commas can mess you over here, face zoom in , you see you actually need to place them before FANBOYS, so then you have to face zoom out remember to use them.
Comment from : Le Stop that man

Mica Sauveur
Thank you so much
I’m about to take the ACT on Saturday

Comment from : Mica Sauveur

Your voice is annoying
Comment from : JJnulasko

Justin Scott
Anything that comes after "of" can't be the subject. Not knowing this will make the subject verb agreement questions seem like a guessing game.
Comment from : Justin Scott

3:05 Fanboys
Comment from : herroxp

Salty Beans
Oof I mess up on subjects that are far away
Comment from : Salty Beans

is their not singular???? 13:55
Comment from : xcaliber947

Coldwelth Simms
Did you just ASSUME Doug's PRONOUNS?!?!?! 😠😠😠😠😠😤😤


Comment from : Coldwelth Simms

c l a n t o n e
Great video! Commas and apostrophes were the things I was missing the most!
Comment from : c l a n t o n e

Bulldog Madhav
So with the sign it should say
“Employees must wash their hands”
Not “Employees must wash hands”

Comment from : Bulldog Madhav

Jennifer R
I could not watch this for more than a minute; her voice bothered me.
Comment from : Jennifer R

Torr Speeds
Saying oh my god is a sin repent
Comment from : Torr Speeds

Shivam Patel
I'm perplexed on her face
Comment from : Shivam Patel

Llew Gibson
Just viewed your video mate, absolutely love the content. Subbed straight away, We should connect!
Comment from : Llew Gibson

Queendom of Creativity
Thank you for this, it helps a lot.
Comment from : Queendom of Creativity

murtadha fawzi
What does ACT mean? What the benefits of it ?
Comment from : murtadha fawzi

Joe Buehner
i care its your birthday
Comment from : Joe Buehner

sokhib Abdurasulov
She looks just like young Sarah in Jumanjii movie.. I liked your lesson. :)
Comment from : sokhib Abdurasulov

my nama jeff
Comment from : OsamaBeenLagN

You're the best English tutor
Comment from : Anubhav

Haneef Qaazee
Excellent lesson! Thank you very much.
Comment from : Haneef Qaazee

Frank Murphy
She’s pretty.
Comment from : Frank Murphy

Jesus I just came from an ACT video that a guy made and not a SINGLE comment was about his appearance, what's wrong with you guys?
Comment from : lilyosah

kaleabe yohanes
thank you very very much
Comment from : kaleabe yohanes

Jorge Correa
Comment from : Jorge Correa

asit kandpal
i wish i could hit 100k likes , excellent teaching , and now my confidence is sky high
Comment from : asit kandpal

Stop calling her hot guys! It's very degrading and objectifying to have people base you just on appearance alone. She's not yours, keep your hands off her!
Comment from : Hyahoos

She's flirtatious as hell.
Comment from : UnquenchabL

But who says Dana wasn't really sizzling on the grill? We don't know.
Comment from : kyo

Squirrel Attackspidy
Your hair looks heavy.
Comment from : Squirrel Attackspidy

Julia Ketelhut
This is worth watching
Comment from : Julia Ketelhut

Daniel Klinsmann
Awesome video
Comment from : Daniel Klinsmann

Marcus Davis
Great Video!!
Comment from : Marcus Davis

Saeed N
Comment from : Saeed N

King Abdul
It's= it is, it has, it was
Comment from : King Abdul

it says 2015 but she looks like she's from 2005
Comment from : ariel

Brian Hamilton
"their" is a singular gender neutral pronoun and so would be acceptable in at least the somebody shoe example. the second example I'm not sure, it may be acceptable but "its" would be a better option for the IRS.
Comment from : Brian Hamilton

East Heart
Thankyou very helpful ;)
Comment from : East Heart

On 911 the skyscrapers fall.
Comment from : SW

You know that's my DVD!
Comment from : SW

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