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Review English Grammar in 30 Minutes 🔴

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Information Review English Grammar in 30 Minutes 🔴

Title :  Review English Grammar in 30 Minutes 🔴
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Fabio Alencar
Comment from : Fabio Alencar

sidharth laddha
I like stickers of that girl 👩‍🏫
Comment from : sidharth laddha

Alfaries Radea
I'm going to [watch or watching]... ? Which are from that words correct?
Comment from : Alfaries Radea

mulexo shishigu
thanks for all in amharic(Ethiopian) amesegnalehu
Comment from : mulexo shishigu

Blue Lord Mapper
Comment from : Blue Lord Mapper

Hi Alisha, i m from Morocco, i'm so happy to discover your channel, your lessons are very interesting and i envoy to listen to you, I would like to thank you for your useful and helpful Video....Great job
Comment from : ASMAA CHAIB

yahya hamoud
This is great lesson alish best teacher
Comment from : yahya hamoud

Angela Dias
I'm student English beginner and every day I learn a lot with your videos
Comment from : Angela Dias

Angela Dias
Hello, I'm from São José dos Campos - Sao Paulo, nice to meet you Alisha. I saw your lessons yesterday. You are very great. Congratulations!
Comment from : Angela Dias

Chaimae Elboaouni
Thank you so much
Comment from : Chaimae Elboaouni

Asma Ali
hello Alisha nice to meet
Comment from : Asma Ali

I like her each and every video
Comment from : SHAIK MANSOOR

koang lew
Morning teachers
Comment from : koang lew

BaoRui D'Bloger
I am not clear about (I'm going to watching a movie at my home ) or ( I'm going to watch a movie at my home ) which one correct?
Comment from : BaoRui D'Bloger

Faizan Ali
I must watch your next live because you are so adorable and i have a crush on you btw. Haha
Comment from : Faizan Ali

Yasir Qurban
Comment from : Yasir Qurban

cla risa
Hi from Philippines 🥰
Comment from : cla risa

Sourabh Deo
Good morning
Comment from : Sourabh Deo

Thang Naing
I went my village
Comment from : Thang Naing

Thang Naing
how enjoin this program
Comment from : Thang Naing

English with Aleksa
Thank you! You are the best!
Comment from : English with Aleksa

Asgar Shaikh
I Love your teaching skills from saudi Arabia
Comment from : Asgar Shaikh

Comment from : QUESTION BANK

manzoor hussain
Every week i watched movie
Comment from : manzoor hussain

Jamal Pulsarrius
i am jamal from indonesia , whats up Alisha..

Comment from : Jamal Pulsarrius

Ign GL
Thanx u very much you are a great teacher, incredible effort thanx again
Comment from : Ign GL

Cesar Rivera
you are the best teacher alisha te amo
Comment from : Cesar Rivera

MTV beats
Hi Alisha how are you my friend
Comment from : MTV beats

Mouhamadou Bassirou
Comment from : Mouhamadou Bassirou

hi i am from Palestine > this is my first lecture with you > i am more than happy to be one of your student .
Comment from : MADY DUMITRO

blank Y
I have to have a meeting with my teacher at 9:00 on Friday.
Comment from : blank Y

abdulrahmaan Sajaan
Thnks for helping people
Comment from : abdulrahmaan Sajaan

abdulrahmaan Sajaan
Hellow teacher
Comment from : abdulrahmaan Sajaan

Eruna Goitom
Hi alicia how are you I'm heru from Eritrea nice to meet you I like your study I am improve my English thanks for helpful
Comment from : Eruna Goitom

Eruna Goitom
Hi alicia
Comment from : Eruna Goitom

Mohan Abuuker
Comment from : Mohan Abuuker

super sunil
Hindi language
Comment from : super sunil

super sunil
Comment from : super sunil

Rania Elamin
Do you now how to talk arabic salam /السلام from sudan
Comment from : Rania Elamin

Islam Mohamed
Thank you so Much
Comment from : Islam Mohamed

Mehak Memon
Comment from : Mehak Memon

Davin Danger
Tnk u very much....
Comment from : Davin Danger

Ayaan Sharma
I think mam your channel is superb to learn spoken English
Comment from : Ayaan Sharma

Iela Faith
Hello Dear! It's my first time to be on your channel. ^^
Comment from : Iela Faith

Jame Almonguera
hello Alisha, im Jame Almonguera filipino but currently working in vietnam as english teacher. your videos help me a lot for my career... great job Alisha!
Comment from : Jame Almonguera

Faiz Anwar
Comment from : Faiz Anwar

Abhi Singh
Hello mam iam from india, surat
Comment from : Abhi Singh

chou-aib idriss abdoulaye
hello alisha I"m glad to join you in fb
Comment from : chou-aib idriss abdoulaye

fadumo Mohamud
Hi Aisha l like how to teach the English language thank you so much I'm from Somalia
Comment from : fadumo Mohamud

Bac avec Hadil
الجزايرين طاغين
Comment from : Bac avec Hadil

Martin Vega
Comment from : Martin Vega

murad Khan
Tanku madam
Comment from : murad Khan

Efren Luviano
Every week I go to play soccer with my brother
Comment from : Efren Luviano

Efren Luviano
I didn't do anything to be fear
Comment from : Efren Luviano

Madeleine Herencia Larsen
Too much hellos...
Comment from : Madeleine Herencia Larsen

George Samson
Well one
Comment from : George Samson

Sai Win Hla
Hi, I am from Myanmar, nice to meet you on youtube , thank you very much for teaching English Grammar on youtube .May God bless you
Comment from : Sai Win Hla

Sofia Noyarovska
Comment from : Sofia Noyarovska

jean baptiste tiendrebeogo
Thank you Alisha, you are a wonderful teacher.
Comment from : jean baptiste tiendrebeogo

Ishwor Pangeni
Hello I'm ishwor from Nepal I like your teaching an I like you an you are so beautiful I love you...... dear... Friend...
Miss uuu

Comment from : Ishwor Pangeni

i like your lessons, so beautiful, thanks verry much for all your efforts

Comment from : hunter29

Vaisakh M
Hello, good after noon from India
Comment from : Vaisakh M

hou da
you're very good thank you so much for your efforts
Comment from : hou da

nitido vacan me temano Melendez
She doing it so well Everybody Can learn English with her she gives the best prononsation and the best intonation much bless for you my love
Comment from : nitido vacan me temano Melendez

Excellence Winner
Last weekend I went to visit one of my brother
Comment from : Excellence Winner

Excellence Winner
hi I'm Fabrice from ivory coast I love english I want to improve my english. and this video is really good for me and very important.thanks you for your help if i have questions about this i will write you and leave comments about that thanks thanks and thanks once again
Comment from : Excellence Winner

Vansh Gahlyan
🙏Hello mam I am from India and you're the best👍👍👍
Comment from : Vansh Gahlyan

Valerii Topovskii
Watch this video with double speed. It'll teach you some Eng.
Comment from : Valerii Topovskii

syed ihtisham
Comment from : syed ihtisham

tuqui's mail
Comment from : tuqui's mail

Tania Desruisseaux
Thank you Alisha from Haiti
Comment from : Tania Desruisseaux

Salm Talk
5:57 I think ( spoke) is irregular verb maby ???!!!!
Comment from : Salm Talk

Comment from : 杨真

Aderajaw Tadele
Good teacher
Comment from : Aderajaw Tadele

nishant vats
Comment from : nishant vats

houda bella
hi alisha
Comment from : houda bella

lucy ivall
Hi good morning
Comment from : lucy ivall

Josefa Aguiar
Nice to meet you! I practice and learn a lot of English with you! Thank you
Comment from : Josefa Aguiar

Every week, I play cricket.
Comment from : SARKARI ALERTS

Vivek Tiwari
Hi Alisha thanks a lot
Comment from : Vivek Tiwari

Junly Zhang
Comment from : Junly Zhang

Abdi karim Mohamed Abdulle
Comment from : Abdi karim Mohamed Abdulle

Ramesh kumar
Good morning I m from india right now USA
Comment from : Ramesh kumar

Ramesh kumar
Good morning I m Ramesh from USA
Comment from : Ramesh kumar

Caspian Riff
Thanks a lot for clear English spelling. Cheers
Comment from : Caspian Riff

Minoo Rabiyan
Alicia is the best one .All the times ❣️
Comment from : Minoo Rabiyan

Minoo Rabiyan
Hallow thank you very much for this beautiful lesson with This program🌺🌹🌷
Comment from : Minoo Rabiyan

Chico Mazapan
I love her eyes
Comment from : Chico Mazapan

Shivon Smith
Hello, fellow English teacher! Loving your videos!
Comment from : Shivon Smith

Muhammad Faisal
U r quite beautiful !!!
Comment from : Muhammad Faisal

Muhammad Faisal
Hello From India
Comment from : Muhammad Faisal

Idyrisa Diegne
Hi Alisha My name idy am from Senegal every day I party cup your losses thanks you very much good night
Comment from : Idyrisa Diegne

Noor Karim
I like your videos

Comment from : Noor Karim

Soukaina El
hi Alisha I'm soukaina from Morocco thank you
Comment from : Soukaina El

Hello from UAE
Comment from : Ismail

sonny rehman
i am going to sister home
Comment from : sonny rehman

sonny rehman
every week i read book
Comment from : sonny rehman

Sameh Gad
Hello lovely Teacher,
Actionly, I found your channel just today and it's really awazaing. Your voice, way, technique and empathy are good. You are awesome. Good job!

Comment from : Sameh Gad

grace turunan
Hi teacher I'm from Philippine good morning...
Comment from : grace turunan

Uchechukwu Okereke
Hello! I'm Uche from Nigeria. Please I really need to improve my spoken English. I need time for the live streaming, in order to join. Thanks
Comment from : Uchechukwu Okereke

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