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English Grammar Course For Beginners: Basic English Grammar

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Information English Grammar Course For Beginners: Basic English Grammar

Title :  English Grammar Course For Beginners: Basic English Grammar
Lasting :   2.15.29
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Description English Grammar Course For Beginners: Basic English Grammar

Comments English Grammar Course For Beginners: Basic English Grammar

Kamani Herath
I read somewhere that Y is a special vowel... Either it is a vowel or it is not AND THE ONLY VOWELS ARE ... A E I O U
Comment from : Kamani Herath

Askema Yoha
I love this learn😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Askema Yoha

gopala krishnan
This program is very useful to learn the fundamentals of English Grammar. Suggestion: we have to say or write (1) The snake colour (color) is blue instead of It's a blue snake. (2) In Sub title "They have an apple " instead of They have and apple.
Comment from : gopala krishnan

emanuel mollel
Hi Ester?my name is Emanuel Mollel from East Africa Tanzania iam 27yrs old, sorry sister I have a problem with English please help my first your WhatsApp no;All of All is about English. Thanks
Comment from : emanuel mollel

Sharifa Almas
Whos wtchn wt me now from emirate???
Comment from : Sharifa Almas

ratan bagri
Thanks you very much madam 🇮🇳
Comment from : ratan bagri

lokesh thapa
Comment from : lokesh thapa

Hassan Jutt
Very good
Comment from : Hassan Jutt

神说台独 绿党 全家死绝了
this great .
Comment from : 神说台独 绿党 全家死绝了

jayrthegreat castro
I learned more. How to explain clearly and how to may it gets well. Good job pretty with a good accent.
Comment from : jayrthegreat castro

bahiru tariku
I love you please contact me my contact number 0904835386 country code(+251) Ethiopia
Comment from : bahiru tariku


Comment from : ElectricPeaPlayz

Start 2 Basic
Nice video # Start 2 Basic
Comment from : Start 2 Basic

Kazim Rahman
You are very good teachers I which you’re video. Which country do you live?I which you’re video more tan two years I will enporof my English.many thanks my dear teacher.gad vela’s you .
Comment from : Kazim Rahman

Kinnera phani kiran
Bad teaching
Comment from : Kinnera phani kiran

Thank you so much teacher
Comment from : YOGA and HEALTH

0046 Hasri Indah Nur Alfiani
banyak banget iklannya gakuatt :(
Comment from : 0046 Hasri Indah Nur Alfiani

Fatchanudin Azis
Very good explanations...
Comment from : Fatchanudin Azis

16:01 checkpoint
Comment from : ElectricPeaPlayz

Herbert Fajardo
Nice & clear teaching Thanks for sharing Esther😊 its helpful. I am a new subscriber 🤗 God bless you...Ave Maria!
Comment from : Herbert Fajardo

Rajika Thayalaraj
Your techning very well madem
Comment from : Rajika Thayalaraj

nishant mani
U beutiyul
Comment from : nishant mani

Tissa AD
Thank Youuu❤
Comment from : Tissa AD

jamardi sinaga
Thanks miss esther, I like it
Comment from : jamardi sinaga

Sampath Madurajith
Do you have any videos
Comment from : Sampath Madurajith

Ibrahima Sano
i really like your teaching style... so easy ...
Comment from : Ibrahima Sano

Sampath Madurajith
Wow very good teacher.thank you so much for this video.
Comment from : Sampath Madurajith

Mohamed Amine
Hello. If I use the Subjective pronouns for plurial, can I say (You're a students)?
Comment from : Mohamed Amine

Milan Lama
I learn more from your class
Comment from : Milan Lama

Comment from : VOLCANO

lakshika aaam
Good channel ❤✔
Comment from : lakshika aaam

Vernar Chandrasiri
Thank you so much for this video series ❤❤❤
Comment from : Vernar Chandrasiri

Nago Kake
We had never learnt that Y is a vowel during our lower classes, thanks to learning that y is also a vowel in a secondary life.
Comment from : Nago Kake

Cristy Biol
You are a cook.
You're a cook.
You're not a cook.
Are you a cook?

Comment from : Cristy Biol

Lalbabu Mahato
Nice your Teaching skills . i like you
Comment from : Lalbabu Mahato

Alex Kowalski
Please upload the audios to Spotify
Comment from : Alex Kowalski

Slein Gaming
You know choox right? Hes your teacher he said to us
Sino here ng galing from choox tv

Comment from : Slein Gaming

Dj BounyatTV
I love it
Comment from : Dj BounyatTV

maricar balatero
you are a great teacher
Comment from : maricar balatero

Hana Tadesse
I love you
Comment from : Hana Tadesse

PikaPika Gamer
How did I get here? I'm literally fluent in English

(P.S. How did I go through my entire life not knowing 'Y' was also a vowel?? Lol

Comment from : PikaPika Gamer

hüsnü şanal
In this video english basic grammar very simple and very easy thank you very much.
Comment from : hüsnü şanal

To tell you frankly maam Esther , I understand English Grammar with you , much much better than when I was in College , the problem is there are professors that they called it " terrible " in the sense that in the class room they imposed a hitler type philisophy , they shout at you with their fingers pointing at you , they called you to answer very controversial and highly difficult impossible question to answer bec. your intelligence cannot level up with magna cum laude students , and I was put on their shoes bec. Iam just a normal student with only an IQ of 120;+ , and one thing some professors are racist specially when you're poor and lives in the Barrio , Inhave withnessd in my 2 eyes , how they behaved in the classrooms ( prof ) but in case Iam not a farm boy , My family are business minded people we owned hundreds of hectares of land in San Pedro , SJOM , in the year 1955 , We have 4 6X6 trucks enlisted to us by La Perla Cigarrete Corp . I was only 5 to 6 yrs old then and everything is very clear to me that we are the Boss in San Pedro , Mindoro , my parents are tobacco magnate . everything changed when my parents send me to school in Manila . Today if I remember the past school days in college , I knew that something was wrong with the culture of some professors , everything changed when my parents send me to study in Manila , instead in the province , I study basic law then enlisted in the military and Police force . One thing I remember with my atty: professor by the name Arevalo he tell us ( 2 ) with my best friend in front of the class that we should study well in his class or else there's something he can do more for us 2 boys I was stunned , ashamed in front of my classmates most of them are girls , I was very young then only 16 yrs old and I feel something bad . I related my sad experienced to my parents . I cut my subject with that professor and the next school year I was in Manila . I learned the saying that , DO NOT JUDGED A BOOK BY ITS COVER . With the passing years I learned that Atty : is now poor he has the habit of cohabitting with many girls . it's a sad story .
Comment from : S N I P E R

Alby Johnson Moise
It so cute👏👏
Comment from : Alby Johnson Moise

It's not pronounced "a" is in "uh". "Uh" sounds like you aren't sure how to start your comment. It's pronounced with a long "a" sound. A banana. Not..."Uh banana." Enunciating a word correctly can make a big difference in how words are learned properly.
Comment from : Music

Thank's teacher you're best
Comment from : S'BROTHER'S S'BROTHER'S

Yung Dagger dick
This ads got so many videos ughh.
Comment from : Yung Dagger dick

Suba.La Manikandan
Good and thanks keep it up Mam
Comment from : Suba.La Manikandan

Wait but the video is in English and it is to LEARN English... like wth
Comment from : Ale

Julito Boraquit
I like your explanation
Comment from : Julito Boraquit

Lucky Education
Wanna be friends?

Comment from : Lucky Education

sugumar good
Comment from : sugumar good

Thonglianding VIII A Diding
Wow, very easily understandning,
Comment from : Thonglianding VIII A Diding

Lucy Foster
Esther you are such an EXCELLENT teacher! Thank you for this series of videos!
Comment from : Lucy Foster

Ma'am can I get your WhatsApp number?
Plz reply me.
I Will Wait for your response.

Comment from : SULMAN KHAN

Evaan Cosmos
You are amazing teacher 😍 really thank you so much
Comment from : Evaan Cosmos

Angelina Birmingham
Going to grade 6
Comment from : Angelina Birmingham

Angelina Birmingham
I am in grade 5 and I am studying that
Comment from : Angelina Birmingham

Yasirkhan Khan
Help me in learning english
Comment from : Yasirkhan Khan

fahimah lumna
New subscriber here! Thank you so much I learned alot about simple English ☺
Comment from : fahimah lumna

Brandy Taylor
Calling out all the vowels as a child were taught in a song like and at the end it says and sometimes Y. So I guess that’s why it’s a special vowel.
Comment from : Brandy Taylor

bhavana hiremath
Hello Esther, it's a really superb video. It's made me learn and understand very clearly.. Ur way of teaching is so beautiful, sure it's helping me. Thanks for this vd 😊😇
Comment from : bhavana hiremath

Tolulope Olaleye
Thank you for teaching my daughter 😚 wile my daughter learn from you now in corona
Comment from : Tolulope Olaleye

Harman Singh
Very nice explanation.
Comment from : Harman Singh

الب تنال
Japanese and chinese
Comment from : الب تنال

naveen kumar
Hi mam iam Indian ,andhra Pradesh
I love your classes

Comment from : naveen kumar

Rockstar Ashok
This is the first time I am hearing the letter y is the vowle. This video is useful for the Beginners
Comment from : Rockstar Ashok

Trok Chhy
Thanks you so much for English grammar beautiful teacher 👩‍🏫 💙😘😘😘
Comment from : Trok Chhy

Meera Oberai
You are the best teacher in the world 👍👍
Comment from : Meera Oberai

Benaadji Mohamed
Thanks your English is very good I learn more and more
Comment from : Benaadji Mohamed

wahid abdellah
Good explaining
Comment from : wahid abdellah

Mahesh Sharma
question to myself, "if i really can understand what u r saying, what more am i learning here?"
Comment from : Mahesh Sharma

thoha ismail
Can I have this course PDF copy
Comment from : thoha ismail

Awaken Official
Thanks mam i am Beginner so i halp full this video🙌🏻🌸
Comment from : Awaken Official

naturu neelakanta
Really it is excellent teaching with proper pronunciation, intonation. learners can learn easily.
Comment from : naturu neelakanta

Jamestina Konomanyi_lavalie
Comment from : Jamestina Konomanyi_lavalie

Marlene Salazar
First time for me to hear that y letter is a special vowel ...
Comment from : Marlene Salazar

Thank you for the lessons
You're a good teacher

Comment from : MOHAMMED KACHAB

Muhammad Faheem
At 1:42:00
Applese are more than one, so what should we say❓
The apples are in the box or these apples are in the box.
Please explain both cases
At 1:48:00
If we saw apples first time, can we say ''the apples, the apples are red''
Please explain it.

Comment from : Muhammad Faheem

selva ganesh
Hi ma'm kindly send me continue videos

Comment from : selva ganesh

selva ganesh
Hi madam can you send me beginner 2nd and 3 videos send me
Comment from : selva ganesh

katha zein
thank you for this, it really helps a lot to me!! 🖤
Comment from : katha zein

Morgan Wheeler
Is it just me who forgot y was a vowel???
Comment from : Morgan Wheeler

Taskia Kabir
They're people 👈 Why s is not use here ??? Like it 👉 They're people's ?? Do reply 😊❤
Comment from : Taskia Kabir

muhammad salmanalbert
for me it is the pleasure to find such a good channe
Comment from : muhammad salmanalbert

Armend Salija
Respect for you best teacher i have ever seen
Comment from : Armend Salija

Beshir Edeo
Thank you so much. In my country, we kow only 5 vowels. Your special vowel 'y' is a new finding. I loved it.
Comment from : Beshir Edeo

Marianne Bontia
I was almost at the end of the lesson when I found out that you got mixed up about the possessive adjective and possessive pronoun. Please try to check the video once more. 1:32:53
Comment from : Marianne Bontia

Luaulom Mesele
She is nice techer
Comment from : Luaulom Mesele

Luaulom Mesele
Good techer roben
Comment from : Luaulom Mesele

Nirupadi Hadimani
Very good teacher.. she explains clearly thanks
Comment from : Nirupadi Hadimani

MeEdi MeErban
🌺🌹🌺 Tanks 👍👍👍👍
Comment from : MeEdi MeErban

Anshika Tyagi
Very well taught....
Keep it up
Must say you are a good teacher👩‍🏫‍

Comment from : Anshika Tyagi

Iskander Adinayev
Best! Are you in San Francisco?
Comment from : Iskander Adinayev

Ling Ling
Hi, in 22:50 can i know why need to add 's' behind? like Jenny sings. but Jenny and Jack sing dont need to add s?
Comment from : Ling Ling

jeel Antonio
I learned more in YouTube than in school
Comment from : jeel Antonio

Is "ax" the correct spelling ? I thought is spelled axe....
Comment from : ENG HING TEO

Takam123 Takam123
Wow 😮😳😯 great😁👍🎉
Comment from : Takam123 Takam123

Murodbek Murodbek
Thank you very much indeed for your English learning videos.
Comment from : Murodbek Murodbek

Teena Diya
Very nice mam
Comment from : Teena Diya

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