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All Tenses - English Lesson

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Title :  All Tenses - English Lesson
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Sharmina Hamza
Thank u
Comment from : Sharmina Hamza

марет хамхоева
I would like to have this book
Comment from : марет хамхоева

sayani hazra
Mam could you please tell me it's been a long time since we have met or its been so long since we met. Both are correct? Or not mam.
Comment from : sayani hazra

Tez Chetry
I have learn it properly
Comment from : Tez Chetry

Nice vedio🙂

Kumar Saurabh
Nice video mam
Comment from : Kumar Saurabh

Ritu Dhapola
Hello friend I am friends teacher also some children talk me teacher
Comment from : Ritu Dhapola

Xcross 123
Thanks for making me understand about tenses 🤗🤗
Comment from : Xcross 123

Xcross 123
Best time to study
Comment from : Xcross 123

That's is wonderful video Miss. I would be glad if you could tell me what kind of app you used to make this video.
Comment from : IELTS PUSH

deathlord YT
Please subscribe to me
Comment from : deathlord YT

Very clear lessons. Much appreciated! Working hard to offer English lessons and content for my students online, as many are now quarantined. I appreciate your style and hard work!
Comment from : SMattaWithMatta

Hiếu Đỗ Thị
Thank you so much!!!
Comment from : Hiếu Đỗ Thị

hadaan lamidoobin waa lais guumaysan free man
best teacher i have ever seen
Comment from : hadaan lamidoobin waa lais guumaysan free man

paramesh jg
Thank you so much 💕😊 your explanation is very nice 👍😊
Comment from : paramesh jg

Azhar Mehmood
This video is really just a reflection of WOW!!! 😇😇😇
Comment from : Azhar Mehmood

Marcelo Fernandes
Crystal clear explanation. Amazing!
Comment from : Marcelo Fernandes

Sou Lbs
Thank you from Tunisia :-)
Comment from : Sou Lbs

Shivam Rajak
Can you make a video on present perfect tense by describing it thoroughly please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Shivam Rajak

shayan kamali
You've done it really great
Comment from : shayan kamali

mohamad mustafa
Comment from : mohamad mustafa

Laura Zurriable
I want to win the book!
Comment from : Laura Zurriable

joakogame 204
Comment from : joakogame 204

Anésio Teca
The best start of the World: When you're ready, we can begin...


Comment from : Anésio Teca

Anésio Teca
Dear Teacher, I really enjoy all the lessons you have been teaching here.

I'm a beginner and I have been developing my english skills right here with your greatest help. I must thank you for all the effort you've made for me and for all of this people in this channel.

God bless you Drar Teacher.

From Angola to the World 🇦🇴🇦🇴🇦🇴

Comment from : Anésio Teca

لااله الا الله
Thank u very much .. so unique explanation .. may Allah bless u
Comment from : لااله الا الله

Salah Eldin
Thank you so much You have done a great job. God bless you!
Comment from : Salah Eldin

Luder Brown
Estudiantes del Csm 12°, reportense alv
Comment from : Luder Brown

Bogale Demas
Comment from : Bogale Demas

Bona Aman
i like way of your presentation

Comment from : Bona Aman

kd sweetie
Mam r u not teaching about determiners
Comment from : kd sweetie

Kartik Tiwari
V nice
Comment from : Kartik Tiwari

Barraq Ali
Comment from : Barraq Ali

Gulab Keerio
Good night
Comment from : Gulab Keerio

gulab keerio
good mornig
Comment from : gulab keerio

Taliana Santana
U helped me a lot!
Comment from : Taliana Santana

Manzoor Hussain
Thank you so much, mam.
Comment from : Manzoor Hussain

Bezawit Mamo
Thank you
Comment from : Bezawit Mamo

Munish Danu
thnx for the lectures.
Comment from : Munish Danu

Stealth Reflex
Another great video by Anglo-Link. You guys are really awesome.
Comment from : Stealth Reflex

Vivian Odonwodo
thank you for your teachings as it has had to me to more values. pls i am interested in the Anglo- file 105 main tenses! thank you in anticipation.
Comment from : Vivian Odonwodo

Sofia Martinez Saucedo
Nesesito gana
Comment from : Sofia Martinez Saucedo

Le clairvoyant C
The tenses in English are the most difficult for me.
Comment from : Le clairvoyant C

Nabila Thiyas wisesa
Thanks you very much teacher
Comment from : Nabila Thiyas wisesa

Mario Morales
Awesome lessons. You make it learnable. I appreciate it.
Comment from : Mario Morales

Nusrat Fatima
Thanks to you my English is getting more better .
Comment from : Nusrat Fatima

Jayprakash Kumar
May you live long!
Comment from : Jayprakash Kumar

Lanie Ocampo
Thank u
Comment from : Lanie Ocampo

Sallu Bhai
Your channel and "Laern English Lab" are the only channels I enjoy and learn English Tenses and videos. Thank You.
Comment from : Sallu Bhai

Jarosław Rosik
Very useful!
Comment from : Jarosław Rosik

Rikki Ramadhan Adam
Can you share the video about how to make a beginner lesson get easy to understand about Grammar
Comment from : Rikki Ramadhan Adam

Kureo Mado
Comment from : Kureo Mado

Pavan M
I have listened to your present cont and perfect lesson video it is easy to understand and simple way of teaching, thank you, mam
Comment from : Pavan M

marwa khamis
how simple and precise your way of delivering the lessons
Comment from : marwa khamis

jamila qaddami
Wonderful job I always having problem with English grammar
Comment from : jamila qaddami

Ahmad Rekani
Well done
Comment from : Ahmad Rekani

Lerz Cura
I am really grateful to click this video it helps me a lot..,thank you for sharing..
Comment from : Lerz Cura

Vojtech Rybár
Your voice is unutterably dull.
Comment from : Vojtech Rybár

Kamal Preet Singh
it's a interesting video
Comment from : Kamal Preet Singh

Jashabanta Sabar
I am indian,jai jagannath
Comment from : Jashabanta Sabar

Salwa Shehata
Thank you very much for your wonderful lessons that I have learned many things from to improve my language.
Comment from : Salwa Shehata

Revu Ekanya
Could you Please tell me 👉[ my grandfather _______(go) for a walk every morning. 👉(suitable tense )
This types sentence how to handle it i don't no
So please tell me...

Comment from : Revu Ekanya

Evvo Iot
Hi madam thank you very much 👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
Comment from : Evvo Iot

Marimar mari
is this sentence correct?
When I came to UK I have tried different brands of olive oil but I didn't like their taste so that's why I decided to bring it from my country.
Thank you

Comment from : Marimar mari

They forced me to watch this

what kind of softwares do you use for animations. animations looks cool
Comment from : cosmo1kramer

mariem ezzamri
Thank you so much
Comment from : mariem ezzamri

أفلا يتفكرون لا اله الا الله
Thank you so much I am a teacher and you helped Me so much.
Comment from : أفلا يتفكرون لا اله الا الله

Jose Luis Rosales Ferrel
Great teacher! pls i need the book :)
Comment from : Jose Luis Rosales Ferrel

Amol Salve
Very nice lecture mdm
Comment from : Amol Salve

Ioanna Hatzibougia
Comment from : Ioanna Hatzibougia

Joon Beh
I've noticed that a lot of the 1M followers of my app, Hallo, rave about your content. How long have you been at it?

Over the last 2 years, I have built a platform to help English teachers/influencers teach live classes, grow their following, and make money through multiple ways to monetize a following on Hallo unlike YouTube.

Basically, Hallo is live TV for English learning (think about Twitch), and you can have your own channel as a teacher. You can think of joining Hallo as hopping on YouTube and Facebook in the early days to capitalize on a new opportunity.

We will be making contracts with popular influencers who believe in the potential of Hallo.

Would you be open to learning more about it?

My email address is joon@hallo.tv

Comment from : Joon Beh

The best explanations I've ever had. Thank you so much. I really aprreciate it.
Comment from : monicacyllio

Syed Amjad Ali
Useful video
Comment from : Syed Amjad Ali

حبيب الله دفع الله
مدرس انجليزي 0532860916
Comment from : حبيب الله دفع الله

Akanksha Singh
Mam ap likh co padhaya
Comment from : Akanksha Singh

I just came back to say that I am very thankful for your video. It helped me immensely during my exams. All of my respect and admiration!
Comment from : Milla

Wael Aboreya
very good
Comment from : Wael Aboreya

sky_ io
English learner here, thanks a lot for sharing these awesome stuff. I wanna ask if there there's a mistake at 10:59? Should it be a) when a shorter action took place. b) at a very precise moment ?
Comment from : sky_ io

Punita Kumari
Very good teacher
Comment from : Punita Kumari

wasantha kulasekara
you are a really good Teacher, Thank you very much
Comment from : wasantha kulasekara

Venkateshwar Rao
It is so boring
Comment from : Venkateshwar Rao

Manisha Chaudhary
You're great teacher I love your all the lessons.❣❣❣
Comment from : Manisha Chaudhary

Great teacher with Behtreen voice.
Comment from : K M

belal sabbah
merci baucoup
Comment from : belal sabbah

Jaco Iskandar
Perfect job
Comment from : Jaco Iskandar

Dorsa YZM
This for sure is the best grammar video I've ever seen.
Comment from : Dorsa YZM

Bhumireddy Chandra
Not under stand mam say clearly
Comment from : Bhumireddy Chandra

Bsh ismail
Excellent teaching.
Comment from : Bsh ismail

Matjaž Planinšec
Your lessons are very useful. I have been learning a lot, since I watched these videos. Thank you.
Comment from : Matjaž Planinšec

Nazla Huda
i want to enter not
Comment from : Nazla Huda

Nazla Huda
thanks for ur reply
Comment from : Nazla Huda

Arlan van der Peet
I Appreciate the comic sans
Comment from : Arlan van der Peet

when you say present simple denotes fact and habit or routine, basically you are discussing its usage.....you haven't discussed what this tense is all about.....
Comment from : PANACEA ENGLISH

Natacha SupleP
Thanks a lot ♡♡ I wish don't forget :c
Comment from : Natacha SupleP

Raghad Jayban
In the summer, the grover family usually slept on the porch.
Why not “sleep”?
Please anyone could explain this

Comment from : Raghad Jayban

Vital P.
Thank you for this video!
Comment from : Vital P.

Smoll One
Only 3 tenses + different actions. Dragunkin
Comment from : Smoll One

priyanka mayank
Is it right as i am using' I had watched a movie when my friend came to me ' I am asking this because both are independent actions .
Comment from : priyanka mayank

Diany Zineb
Thank you
Comment from : Diany Zineb

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